Get to Know Commercial Representative: Jeff Shesky


Jeff has been in the fitness industry for a total of 17 years. For 13 years he owned a personal training and massage therapy business and for the last 4 years he has been working with Fitness Experience as one of our commercial sales representatives. 

Jeff pursued a career in fitness because he wanted to have the opportunity to share the many lessons he learned from different coaches and trainers over the span of his hockey career playing in Canada and Germany.

"I wanted to share those tools which influenced and impacted my life in the most amazing ways. I not only want my clients to grow and succeed in fitness, but help them grow in all areas of their life. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to continue being a positive influence, to guide, educate and help customers to find that right piece of equipment for their facility."

What is one of the most memorable projects you've worked on as a commercial rep?

One of my favourite projects was one of my first projects with Fitness Experience. I had the opportunity to work with a boxing club in Salmon Arm, BC called Bull Dogs Fitness and Boxing Centre. The owner, Peggy was so wonderful to work with. I loved her story and how much she impacted her community.

In our preliminary discussions, she mentioned that she was looking for new training tools, specifically ideas for one of her clients, who is in a wheelchair. How amazing is that? From what she had shared with me, the Torque Tank came to mind. The tank has tires and a magnetic braking system, so the harder you push/pull the more the braking system picks up. I provided Peggy with a demo for a few weeks, sfhe used it in one of her sessions with her client that uses a wheelchair. She hooked up a battle rope to the tank and had her pull the tank closer. To see the smile on the client's face, while watching her strength and confidence grow with each pull was truly an amazing experience.

What is one of the biggest challenges you've faced as a commercial rep?

The most challenging time as a commercial rep was during the thick of things with Covid-19. With business shut downs and tight restrictions it was tough to see certain facilities go out of business and others battling to survive. Facilities bring life to people, hope, wellness and so much more. I feel for those that have had to permanently shut their doors, however I am excited as we get back to some sense of normal to work with new and existing clients to help make their facilities stronger through safe and functional fitness. 

What is your favourite market to work with?

I would have to say my favourite market to work with is athletic training centres, because of my passion for sports and experience working with athletes. I love the "buzz" and high energy vibe in the atmosphere. The equipment needed is usually unique, niche equipment. It's exciting for me here at Fitness Experience to be able to offer such a variety of equipment to help any type of facility or training style.

What are is a piece of equipment that you're particularly excited about right now?

I am looking forward to the opportunity to share a Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill with the right facility. Most facilities would benefit from this treadmill for many reasons. It has a premium look, premium feel and exclusive pure stride cushioning system that provides a solid shock absorbing experience, comparable to running on a premium quality track. This unit lasts for up to 100,000 miles with little maintenance. Now that is exciting!

Want to get in contact with Jeff?


Phone: (250) 478-0225

LinkedIn: Jeff Shesky