Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill
Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill

Canada’s Best Treadmills for Home Use

For years treadmills have been a top choice in fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercise whether it be in the home gym or at your favourite gym facility. There are many types of treadmills on the market today such as folding treadmills built with a space saving design, Manual curved treadmills which provide a smooth reliable feel that is great for H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and finally traditional fixed frame treadmill designs made for both residential and commercial usage. Finding the right treadmill can be difficult, to make it a bit easier check out our Treadmill Buying Guide.

Which Treadmill is right for you?

As mentioned above there are many types of treadmills on the market today. Determining the treadmill the best treadmill for you can depend on a few different factors including: fitness level, fitness goals, how much floor space you have available and more.

It is important to look at your fitness level and fitness goals to determine the type of use the treadmill will see and by how many users. Walkers, joggers and runners will not all need the same feature set from a treadmill.

Our treadmill buying guide and treadmill buying guide video provide a great starting point in your treadmill shopping journey. If you are a commercial customer looking for a new commercial treadmill visit our dedicated commercial fitness website for a full list of commercial quality fitness equipment.

If you are looking for an interactive treadmill experience Matrix treadmills & Horizon Fitness treadmills now come equipped with features such as iFit and virtual active. These experiences allow you to take part in interactive trail runs, fitness classes, live workouts and more turning home gyms into a motivating group training experiences.. Horizon Fitness treadmills now through the use of bluetooth connectivity are an official treadmill partner of Peloton. By connecting your Horizon Fitness treadmill to your iPad or mobile device you are able to take part in Peloton treadmill classes and experiences. 

Why Choose Fitness Experience for Treadmills in Canada

Fitness Experience since 1992 has been building partnerships with our suppliers to be a top provider of treadmills in Canada.  We work closely with some of the industries top treadmill brands including Matrix Fitness, Precor Fitness, Horizon Fitness, True Fitness, Assault Fitness, Life Fitness and more. 

At Fitness Experience our team of fitness experts have hand picked a selection of treadmills from the industries top brands to provide you the treadmill user with the comfort of knowing you have received the best quality treadmill possible no matter your price range. 

Fitness Experience is also proud to service and maintenance on all treadmills. Treadmill maintenance is an important part of treadmill ownership. In general treadmill maintenance is quite simple, one of the most important steps being treadmill lubrication