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Since 1969, Bodyguard Fitness has been a leader in the design, engineering, testing and manufacturing of fitness equipment. Throughout our history we have remained committed to outstanding customer service, high quality innovative products and an industry-leading warranty.
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Our equipment is designed and engineered with a commitment to 5 core design values:

Natural Experience: Our aim is to provide an exercise equipment experience that mimics all facets of the comparative exercise.
Ergonomics: An attention to detail on every component that the user interacts with so to enhance the “natural feel” while maximizing comfort and safety.
Results: Bodyguard understands that people want results. We continually develop features that make achieving goals quicker and easier. Furthermore, Bodyguard equipment is progressively designed so to offer more advanced features as users graduate to new fitness levels.
Peace of Mind: Whether it is our attention to built-in safety and injury prevention features or our focus on product durability backed by an industry leading warranty, Bodyguard Fitness products are developed with quality and durability that allow users to focus on the important things in life.
Innovations: Our ongoing investment in research and development coupled with a commitment to utilizing the latest engineering practices and product technologies has established Bodyguard as an industry leader in new technology and product development.
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