York is a company built on History-Since 1932, when Bob Hoffman founded York Barbell.

From York’s Foundations in the decades of the 1930s through to the 1970s, York flexed its muscle with its Olympic Lifting Teams. The Renowned York Barbell Club dominated the Olympic scene with over 40 national championships and 7 Olympic Gold Medallists. Even today, the Commercial Head Office houses the “Official Weightlifting Hall of Fame” and Museum in York, Pennsylvania.

Through its long history, York has never taken a step backwards in the design of training equipment for commercial and sports performance environments. From the early designs of the Milo Barbell, through to todays innovative grip plates, finely crafted bars and functional training stations, its very clear to see why we are the “Strongest Name in Fitness”. Functional- Whats does it mean? The words that spring to mind are “practical” ”useful” and “serves a purpose”. These are just words, but what York has done is to put them into practice. With many coaches and conditioners turning their backs on static, single plane of motion machines, in favour of more alternative workouts, the York STS & FTS ranges allow the functional workouts to happen.

We continue to set the standard within the fitness industry for product styling, durability, performance, value and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Our Industry Educated team have extensive experience and knowledge of Performance Sports Training, Fitness Training, Management of Sporting Facilities and Building Design. This ensures not only you will be given the correct equipment information, but it will be aimed towards your exact needs and facility.

The York STS Range covers all the staple requirements for Sports Performance Training and Commercial Gyms with the York FTS Range ideally suited for Studios, Public Services and school gyms. Each range has bars , weights and dumbells to suit, this means everyones needs are catered for.

A key focus for York is you the customer, every enquiry is treated individually and product selection is bespoke to your needs, this is what keeps York ahead of the competition.

Closing Note: When you step out onto the field or court and you have been trained using York equipment, you will always know deep down that you are fully prepared for whatever challenge is put your way….
For more information, please visit: yorkbarbell.com