Human Kinetics The Health Fitness Handbook

Human Kinetics The Health Fitness Handbook


One of the most difficult aspects of getting fit is knowing where to start. Few people know how to take that first step on the road to a more active, healthy lifestyle. And with all the quick fixes and instant "experts" in the market today, it`s difficult to know who to trust to guide you in the right direction.

The Health Fitness Handbook is the answer. This no-nonsense, information-packed guide combines the latest research with sound medical advice. Together, the authors have 95 years of experience researching, prescribing, teaching, and writing on fitness and other health-related topics. They offer honest, reliable answers to your fitness questions in easy-to-understand language.

Inside this book, you`ll find everything you need to start a safe, effective fitness program or to make your current program even more beneficial. Franks, Howley, and Iyriboz help you:

• understand what`s important for your own health and fitness,
• evaluate your current fitness level,
• set realistic fitness goals based on your individual needs, and
• learn how to change health-related behaviors to meet your long-term goals.

They also present the best exercises for improving aerobic fitness, flexibility, and strength and cover other important aspects of healthy living, including weight control, nutrition, injury prevention, and stress reduction. The book`s many photos, charts, and tables will help you develop and fine-tune a personalized plan to achieve your desired fitness level.

Being fit means being able to enjoy a full life with less risk of major health problems. It also leads to more energy, less stress, and better performance in everything you do. Let The Health Fitness Handbook be the guide to take you there.