IronMaster Crunch Situp Attachment for Super Bench

SKU: IM-1004
The Ironmaster Super Bench Crunch Situp Attachment is the perfect addition to your arsenal of home gym equipment. This attachment perfectly integrates with the Ironmaster Super Bench to provide you with even more versatility allowing you to perform a variety of different abdominal exercises. With the seamless integration of this attachment, you can perform abdominal exercises with a wide range of intensities, angles, and difficulties.
In addition to allowing you to perform numerous abdominal exercises, this attachment provides you with the support to enable you to do steep angled decline presses.
  • Attaches easily to Super Bench spine with the pull pin with various positions to fit any height user.
  • Locks you in place securely and is easy on the lower back with the slightly elevated knee position.
  • Perfect position for abdominal training.
  • Also assists in steep angled decline presses.
  • Works with all Ironmaster bench models, old and new

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