Self Spotting Smith Package


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The Ironmaster IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine is the culmination of a decades-long process of designing a multi-functional gym machine that is compact, long-lasting, and easy to use.

Patterned after the traditional Smith machine but with notable improvements over its forerunner, the IM2000 allows you to do a wide range of exercises to target all your muscle groups without taking up a lot of space.

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Self Spotting Smith Package
$ 3,199 00
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  • + - Description

    The IM2000 is the greatest squatting and pressing machine ever designed! We have refined this design over decades, resulting in the most complete, space efficient and best operating home gym you can buy. You can work each body part in at least three different ways in complete safety. The quick-lock guided barbell system is our patented design. Although similar in concept to the common Smith machine design, the Ironmaster does the job much better, and the overall machine is much more versatile and space saving. Working out with a bar and bench is not as efficient as a machine and is not safe to use without the aid of spotters. In fact, it is commonly known that working out with traditional free weights is limiting since you must always stop your reps before you reach maximum muscle failure. It is a proven fact that when you push yourself to failure you will make your muscles grow stronger. You can really blast your muscles by training to the point of ultimate failure and never get stuck with lockout points only 1.7” apart!

    The lifting bar sliding system is a state of perfection on the Ironmaster. The best Smith machines use linear ball bearings as a means of guiding the bar up and down the guide rods and under ideal conditions work well but the IM2000 is different. There are some important reasons the Ironmaster system is better. Linear bearings require constant lubrication with grease which is quite messy. They also have a limited life along with the steel guide rods and will require replacement. The grease will attract dirt that will cause premature wear to the bearings and rods. Linear bearings are very noisy and have the feeling of rolling friction resistance. The Ironmaster slide bushing and slide rail system is unique. We use a special polymer material bushing that slides over specially coated slide rails of compatible materials. Other designs use bushings that have simple plastic sliding on metal. This causes fast wear and friction and the action feels terrible. We have proven the long life of our design in schools, police departments, fire departments, and commercial gyms all over the world, not to mention countless home gyms. You will not find a machine with better feeling free-flowing action or simplicity of use!

  • + - Features & Specs

    Extremely safe

    With the IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine, you can train each body part in at least three different ways safely. It is packed with safety features like lockout holes that are accurately measured and placed at close intervals so you can have the confidence to work out on your own.

    • Perform presses and squats alone without worrying about your safety.
    • The lockout holes are only 1.7 inches apart to ensure that you won’t get stuck while working out alone.
    • Heavy-duty springs provide additional support for the lifting bar.
    • Secondary safety stops offer added protection as well as limit the range of the cable system.
    • This machine allows you to reach your maximum muscle failure without increasing your risk for injury.

    Multi-functional and complete

    You can target each body part in different ways using this versatile machine and the several attachments that are compatible with it. The IM2000 is the perfect self-spotting weight lifting system for any home gym owner who prefers doing full-body workouts.

    • Train your shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs and core with this all-around training system.
    • Perform a variety of exercises to target different body parts using the several attachments that you can connect to this self-spotting machine. (See the IM2000 poster for some of the exercises you can do with it.)
    • You will find there almost unlimited ways to use this system.

    Heavy-duty and long-lasting

    The IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine is made of superior quality, commercial-grade materials and has a high weight load capacity for its lifting bar and cable system. Our unique patented design for its slide rails prevents friction and premature wear.

    • The frame is constructed from 11 gauge structural steel.
    • The lifting bar is rated for 1,000 lbs.
    • The cable system is rated for 350 lbs.
    • Our unique slide bushing and slide rail system do not require constant lubrication with grease. This means less mess and dirt sticking to your machine, which leads to premature deterioration.
    • Unlike other multi-functional machines and designs that use plastic bushings, we use a special polymer bushing to ensure a smooth sliding action over our specially coated slide rails made of compatible materials.
    • Our patented design for the IM2000 has proven its ability to perform smoothly and stand the test of time in schools, police and fire departments and commercial and home gyms around the world.

    Space-efficient and relatively lightweight

    The IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine was developed to give you optimum workout capabilities while occupying a relatively small footprint and weighing relatively less than commercial gym equipment. This is why it’s perfect for home gyms or personal use.

    • Its dimensions are 48 inches wide x 48 inches deep, x 84.5 inches high.
    • The lifting bar is 73 inches wide. It weighs 36 lbs with the Olympic Sleeve Adapters and 32 lbs without them. The grip width area of the bar is 42 inches and 1.25” diameter.
    • We recommend allotting a floor space of 7 feet wide x 5-6 feet deep and a ceiling height of at least 7.25 inches for a comfortable and effective use of this machine.

    Ergonomically designed

    The ergonomic design of the IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine allows you to perform exercises more effectively and naturally. With a simple modification of its parts, you can do a completely different set of exercises that target other parts of your body.

    • The ergonomic lifting bar locks out to the front instead of to the back for a faster and more natural movement, making it easy to switch to heavier weights when doing press exercises like the bench press.
    • The construction of the high/low pulley system that makes use of the weight carriage offers a smoother, more comfortable and free-flowing movement.
    • The low pulley device has wheels that allow it to easily swing into place.


    Using the base frame of the IM2000 Self-Spotting System as your foundation, you can build your own custom exercise machine by adding other attachments and accessories. This offers bigger savings compared to purchasing several different cages and machines or getting a membership at a commercial gym.

    Easy to assemble

    Apart from that, this machine comes with an assembly guide and hardware kit for easier installation.

    • You only need two adjustable wrenches to put all the parts together.
    • Your purchase includes a hardware kit that contains all the other tools you will need to set up your IM2000.
    • Assembly and operating instructions are included.


    • The IM2000 Self-Spotting Machine is the base model including Spotter arms and chin up bar accessories.
    • Base unit includes the following:
      • main frame
      • lifting bar with Olympic adapters (for use with both standard and Olympic weight plates)
      • standard plate holders
      • lat pull bar
      • upper and lower pulley/cable system