SPRI Braided Lateral Resistor

SKU: SP-07-70170
Bring your lower body workout to the max with the Braided Lateral Resistor. Designed to be extra durable with its braided rope-like construction and provides superior support with padded ankle cuffs. Ideal for lower-body training that requires more from your tubing and designed to keep up with your quickness and strength. Color-coded resistance levels ranging from very light to ultra heavy. Sold individually. Includes ankle cuffs and a downloadable exercise instruction sheet.

Braided Lateral Resistor Features:
Condition your entire lower-body
Braided, rope-like construction for extra durability
Includes padded ankle cuffs for superior support
Available in 5 resistance levels
Includes a downloadable exercise instruction sheet
4.375" x 2.5" x 6.5"

Five color-coded resistances:
Very Light Yellow
Light Green
Medium Red
Heavy Blue
Very Heavy Purple

Sold individually