GLA348QS Lat Attachment for Series 7 Smith Machine

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Features a precision machined 210 lb. alloy steel weight stack with "Add-On" weight posts for individual freeweight plates. The adjustable low row foot brace allows maximum prestretch for all size users. Includes Lat Bar and Low Row Straight Bar.

For use with Series 7 Smith Machine #GS348 only

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GLA348QS Lat Attachment for Series 7 Smith Machine
$ 1,251 99
Attachments & Options Special Order
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  • + - Specifications
    Assembled Weight:   298lb / 135.17kg    
    Assembled Dimensions:   Length Width Height
        78.00in / 1,981.20mm 69.00in / 1,752.60mm 84.00in/2,133.60mm
    Package Dimensions:   Length Width Height
        79.13in / 2,009.90mm 14.37in / 365.00mm 7.48in / 189.99mm
        Volume Gross Weight  
        4.92 ft3 / 0.14 m3 73.10lb / 33.16kg  
    Package 2 Dimensions:   Length Width Height
        25.20in / 640.08mm 18.90in / 480.06mm 6.30in / 160.02mm
        Volume Gross Weight  
        1.74 ft3 / 0.05 m3 30.70lb / 13.93kg
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