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Canada's Home for WaterRower

If you haven’t heard of the WaterRower yet, it’s a simple indoor rowing machine that is designed to feel like rowing on the water. Indoor rowing and water rowing machines specifically are becoming very popular, as many people are seeing the benefits of exercising on a water rowing machine. While there are many water rowing machines on the market, we find WaterRower to be the best quality. Below we will discuss the various benefits, specifications and accessories of a WaterRower.

Benefits of a WaterRower

Great Full Body Aerobic Workout

Anytime you can incorporate an aerobic exercise into your routine, you’re further benefitting your workout routine. There are so many benefits of aerobic workouts, including increased stamina, a better immune system, and improvements in your overall mood and sleep quality. Not to mention they do great things for your physical health as well. One of the greatest benefits of a rowing machine compared to other forms of cardio machines is that it is a true FULL BODY WORKOUT. Little if any other cardio machines work as many muscle groups as a rowing machine do.

Aids In Weight Loss

It’s easy to burn calories, tone up your muscles, and lose weight with a rowing machine. On average you can expect to burn about 600 calories per hour, which is a more efficient caloric burn rate than any other type of exercise machine can provide on average. Of course, like any form of exercise, the level intensity will affect how many calories you burn.

Works The Upper Body

The WaterRower works out many of your major muscles in both your upper and lower body. It works the rhomboids in the shoulders and trapezii in the upper back. When you workout and build muscle in your upper back it can help you reduce back pain and improve your posture. Plus it even leads to a stronger core and can help you strengthen your hand and wrist muscles. Proper rowing technique is key to working the upper body and if you add a small lean back at the end of your pull you will engage your core muscles. We recommend watching a video on proper rowing technique, or asking a fitness professional in order to properly engage your upper body, lower body and core.

Works The Lower Body

Rowing machines use many of the major leg muscles including the quads, upper thighs, calves, and even the glutes. The range of motion used while on a rowing machine has you in a full squat at the bottom of your row. It is not only great for cardio and muscle building, but improving range of motion as well.

Low Impact

If you have joint pain or other issues, it can be painful to perform high impact workouts. That’s why it’s so great when you can find a way to give your body the exercise it needs without harming it and potentially adding more pain to the mix.& Rowing machines put minimal stress on your joints while helping you strengthen and condition your body.

Enhances Endurance

Most people would class a water rower primarily as a cardio machine. After using the machine on a regular basis you will see an increase in your endurance levels and boost overall energy. A water rower can be used for long distance rowing, or high intensity interval training.


WaterRowers are affordable compared to other types of cardio machines, especially if you consider that you are getting more of a full body workout on this type of machine, eliminating the need for additional equipment. In addition, a water rower does not require a lot of maintenance and repairs down the road are minimal, which further reduces cost.

Easy To Store

Storage is a huge bonus when it comes to the WaterRower machine. All you have to do is stand it upright with the tank on the bottom and it will only take up about two square feet. So you can easily store it in your living room, bedroom, or closet without any issues. You could even install a hook and strap to the wall to ensure it won’t fall over if you have any kids or animals running around. The machine is light enough that it is easy to move to it's upright position.

Aesthetically Pleasing

WaterRowers are a very beautiful piece of equipment. Some models are handcrafted with wood, which makes them range in colour from a rich brown to black. They also have an Oak model with a stained finish in Danish oil. Lastly, some commercial grade models are constructed from powder-coated aluminum or steel, which looks very sleek and modern. Many people love that a WaterRower looks like a piece of furniture. If you don't have a designated workout room in your home, the WaterRower fits in seamlessly.

Low Maintenance

A main concern for many customers regarding large machines is that they will involve costly maintenance down the road. WaterRower does a great job of making sure that maintenance is cost effective and rare. A WaterRower will need chlorine tablets, which can be sourced for free direct from WaterRower's website. After many uses, the bungee chord may lose a little bit of resistance. WaterRower thought of this and made sure there is an adjustable strap attached to it, so when it gets loose you can simply tighten the strap to get it back to it's original resistance strength. If need be, the bungee can be replaced at a very low cost.

Quiet Water Resistance

Water resistance is significantly more quiet than a fan based rower. This is a feature that many customers prefer over fan based or magnetic based rowing machines. The smooth quiet water flywheel is ideal for watching tv while rowing, or working out before the kids wake up.

Performance Monitor

The performance monitor on a WaterRower shows basic feedback such as time, distance rowed and calories. There are also limited amount of games included on the console that can help with motivation.

Bluetooth Com Module

The WaterRower ComModule allows you to have an interactive rowing experience by turning your S4 Performance Monitor+ into a Bluetooth® enabled device. Enjoy connecting to WaterRower and Third-Party developed apps via your Android or iOS devices.

The WaterRower ComModule allows you to have an interactive rowing experience by turning your S4 Performance Monitor into a Bluetooth enabled device. Enjoy connecting to WaterRower and Third-Party developed apps via your Android or iOS devices.

Whether you’re looking for the motivation of an on-demand, instructor-led CITYROW GO class or to customize the WaterRower Connect performance screen and track your best 2K, the ComMod will inspire you to row the extra mile.

Other Accessories

There are many accessories you can add to your rowing machine to enhance the overall experience.

- Many people like adding a tablet arm and holder to hold your phone or tablet, especially if you have the COM module and will be using apps.

- Hi-rise adapter kits are also popular, as they elevate the machine higher off the ground. Some customers find that the WaterRower does sit a little bit low to the ground compared to another rowing machine. The WaterRower HiRise Adapter has been designed to raise the WaterRower 8" (200mm) in order to provide ease of entry and higher positioning when in use.

- Oarsome Grips can be added to the handles of your rowing machine for extra grip and a wider handle. The Oarsome Rowing Grips fit snugly over your Water Rower handle, providing the most effective solution for your sore hands and wrists. They are also help in preventing blisters.

- If you find the seat uncomfortable in any way you can add the High Density Ergpad. It features exclusive two layer laminated polymer pad Soft one side, and firm the other side designed for the WaterRower Seat.

There are many other accessories available for WaterRower's rowing machines, but we find these to be the most popular.

WaterRower's SmartRow

Take your interactive rowing experience to the next level with SmartRow.

With its innovative True Performance sensor, SmartRow calculates the absolute wattage applied by the user throughout each stroke, ensuring the most accurate ergometer measurement within the Rowing Machine Category.

The industry-leading SmartRow App captures fitness metrics and key performance indicators such as power-curve, heart rate* and stroke length for each training session, allowing you to track workout performances and analyze data to improve technique and consistency. Each workout is stored and accessible form your app, enabling review of all prior training cycles, encouraging you to set new performance goals.

Compare performance data with fellow WaterRower owners from the comfort of your home, challenge your teammate to an all-out 2K at the boathouse or simply find your daily motivation by racing against your personal-best performance; SmartRow brings out the champion rower in everyone.

Available for iPhone or Android.

Weight Capacity

A WaterRower has the weight capacity of 1000lbs, which is higher than many other rowing machines. It's important to note that if you add the hi-rise attachment, the weight capacity will go down slightly to 600lbs. This is a great feature of this rowing machine

How Does the WaterRower Achieve Better Results?

The WaterRower utilizes almost all of your body’s muscle mass to execute the rowing motion, to execute the rowing motion especially working on your core. This means that your entire body will be worked and strengthened at once, resulting in the best full-body, fat-burning and muscle strengthening fitness tool you can use. Unlike many other exercise machines, the WaterRower is joint friendly. This is because the rowing movement moves the joints through their full range of motion, with minimal impact and zero weight-bearing on the joints. This increases joint mobility while also reducing likelihood of injury to joints such as the ankles, knees and hips. This happens by giving the control of power generation to the user, instead of simply being dependent on their size and weight.

Due to the user applying their entire body to row, they will burn more calories because they will not have to reach as high of an intensity, unlike machines focused on fewer muscle groups. In fact, we've found that WaterRower Rowing Machines burn the most calories per unit of time out of any cardio machine. The user is also generating the power to drive the machine, again resulting in more calories burned, and a higher work output achieved.

More than Just another Machine

On top of developing great strength and cardiovascular stamina, the WaterRower has the added advantage of being a smooth and elegant piece of exercise equipment. This is accomplished through its sleek wooden make, and of course, the water! By utilizing its unique Water Flywheel, the WaterRower only generates a mild level of noise. Since there is no solid connection between the user and the moving water, there is far less of a mechanical feel, and a higher amount of “give” while pulling on it. This softens any jerky movements occurring, allowing for smoother performance and reducing the risk of injury through poor technique. Lastly, the amount of work you apply determines the speed at which you row. Through the use of water drag, the higher power output you can produce and maintain the more resistance is implemented. This means the harder and faster you can row, the more power you will generate. You are the engine. From an all-out workout, to an easy paddle, it is dependent on your desired intensity.

WaterRower: Defining Efficiency and Class

The WaterRower is also the perfect fitness product to maintain a refined, in-home state of style. The wooden build preserves a natural feel to any living area without having the equipment stand out. And it has one of the smallest footprints of any piece on the market. Light-weight, and easy to store, WaterRower's are an excellent machine to add into your fitness lifestyle.

By implementing WaterRower’s combination of cardiovascular and strength training, you will optimally burn fat and develop healthy, lean body tissue, thus leading to better physical and mental health benefits, and improving one’s overall state of living.

SO, How Do You Get One?

Fitness Experience is your one stop shop for WaterRowers. If you'd like to come into one of our stores and try it out first, please contact your nearest Fitness Experience for confirmation on stock and floor models. If you don't live near one of our locations, or simply prefer our shipping options, we can ship it directly to you anywhere in Canada by the next business day. If you have any questions at all about WaterRowers, or other types of rowing machines please contact us. We have five locations across Western Canada and can ship anywhere in Canada.