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Fitness bench

The weight bench is a staple for any home or commercial gym. You may have heard it called by some other names, including workout bench or exercise bench. Depending on your needs you may just need one adjustable bench, or you may need a few different kinds for the type of workouts you want to do.

Weight benches are relatively simple and can be used for a variety of exercises. They can provide support that can reduce the risk of injury and also be used to add difficulty to your weight lifting routine.  An adjustable bench is most commonly used for exercises like bench press, chest press and a variety of other lifting exercises, but can also be used for exercises like Bulgarian split squats and glute bridges.

There are many types of weight benches, all designed for different purposes. We are going to break down these types and other important things to consider if you are looking to purchase a weight bench for your fitness routine.


The most common types of exercise that are performed on a weight bench include free weights like dumbbells and barbells. Some popular exercises that can all be performed on a weight bench are:

  • Bench press

  • Concentrated curls

  • Dumbbell row 

  • Lying tricep extensions

  • Shoulder press

These are just a small number of the many different workouts you can do on a workout bench. All of these workouts of course can be increased or decreased in intensity based on the amount of weight being used and by the positioning of your bench. 

There are even more ways a workout bench can be utilized that you may not realize. Without any other equipment, the bench can be used as a platform for triceps dips or steps up, a base for core work, or even as support for stretching out muscles after a tough workout. 

The many uses of this workout bench make it an obvious choice for both a home gym and commercial gyms.

Even though weight benches may seem relatively straightforward, there are some different designs, sizes and other features you'll want to consider. Let's explore the main different types.


The flat bench is very true to it's name! This simple design involves a flat platform that rests on sturdy legs. This platform or pad provides you with a surface to lay or sit on while working out with free weights. 

Many users like flat benches for the simple fact that there are no seems to deal with while doing your workout. Even though some benches adjust to be flat, some customers prefer to have an adjustable and flat bench.


Up next, we have adjustable, also known as FID benches. The FID acronym stands for Flat, Incline and Decline which are the three main adjustments offered.

This bench can be used just like the flat bench, or you can incline or decline this bench and set the back pad at various heights. Not all benches have the ability to adjust to a decline position, or some may not be at a very steep angle.

Having these different positions on the bench can help you target different muscle groups in different ways. Using an incline bench is an effective way to strengthen smaller muscle groups that are sometimes missed by traditional workouts. It gives you the option to do flat and incline chest press, for example which will target your chest differently.

This is one of the most popular styles of benches for it's versatility and wide range of exercises you can add to your fitness routine.


Folding benches are a great option for smaller spaces and for storing. They folded for easy storage and moved out of the way when not in use. This is obviously beneficial for multi-purpose rooms in your house or if you are just looking for a little more portability. 

One important factor to consider with the foldable design is sometimes this type of design results in the bench being a little bit smaller and lower to the ground than other Olympic benches.


The utility stool, also known as a multi-purpose utility bench, is a bit different from the other styles. These weight benches look a little more like a chair and usually come with the backpad in a completely upright position. 

These types of weight benches are good for any move that you would do from a normal seated position including concentration curls, military presses, wrist curls and more. Some people prefer to have a utility stool rather than an adjustable bench in it's fully upright position.


There are many other types of specialty benches, such as ab benches, preacher curl, leg extension and more. It's always nice to have versatility in your equipment and sometimes adding an attachment can achieve the same functionality, however some may prefer to have a separate piece for each type of exercise. This entirely depends on price and the amount of free space you have to work with. Specialty benches may not be regularly stocked, but we can always order from a brand such as Body Solid, who usually have a wide availability of specialty benches.


Size will be one of the biggest factors you'll want to consider. It's difficult to tell the size from photos, so it's important to refer to the measurements listed in the specifications. The distance from the seat pad or back pad to the floor mostly ranges, so you'll want to make sure the height works for you especially if you're a taller customer.


Additionally, the seat or back pads of weight benches come in different widths. Larger pads can provide a little more comfort and support, but it’s important not to lose any range of motion or be inhibited by the bench. 

You will also see some different options when it comes to the padding on the bench. Thicker pad options can provide a little more comfort, but some people prefer a more firm surface.


If you are looking at adjustable benches, you will also see that the benches have a variety of adjustment settings. This allows you to play with different angles and move both the seat and back pad to different heights. A lot of adjustable benches will have seven different settings. In addition to the amount of adjustments, you'll also want to make sure that it's easy enough for the customer to adjust themselves as some are more difficult than others.


You will want to keep in mind how much weight a bench can support and remember that it will be holding both your body weight and the amount of weight you plan on lifting. Weight capacity is very important. A more durable high capacity bench will drive the price up a little bit, but if you plan on using heavy weights you want to make sure to choose a brand that will support this. Depending on your needs, you can find a bench that supports anywhere from 500 to over 1500lbs of weight or more.


Two common attachments you’ll see on the weight bench are preacher curl and leg developer attachments. Multi-purpose equipment is a great option for your home gym.

Some benches we stock that have a good selection of attachments include Inspire, Hoist, Ironmaster, Powerblock, Body Solid and more. In addition to leg developer and preacher curl, you can purchase chin up attachments, crunch attachments  and more. This will give you the power to add even more exercises to your fitness routine without buying a separate product at a higher price.


Keep in mind that durability and quality of materials will play a role in how long the piece of equipment will last. Some benches sold at a higher price, if properly taken care of, could last a lifetime. Just like any big product purchase, you may also want to consider the product’s warranty and read up on product reviews and browse product ratings before making your decision. 


If you don't see the product you're after on our website, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. Often times we'll be able to find you something similar, or source the original item you wanted for your home gym. Shipping is calculated at checkout and we do our best to ship in stock items the next business day. Any item listed as limited stock may mean we only have floor models left. If you would like to confirm the stock on a limited stock item please reach out to one of our stores. Don't miss out on deals on benches, dumbbells, Olympic or Power equipment and more by subscribing to our newsletter