Shipping & Order Information

Commonly asked shipping questions:

The Item I purchased was listed as Free Shipping, why is there additional shipping fee’s?

Our free shipping offers cover a percentage of your purchase to cover shipping charges. These percentages cover most major cities and bedroom communities around those major cities in Canada. If shipping to a location outside of the typical routes and service area of our carriers additional charges may apply.

Should you live in an area outside of these coverage areas Fitness Experience will obtain a quote for additional charges and communicate this to you prior to confirming and shipping your order.

I received a tracking number but it’s not showing any information.

Once you receive a tracking number it means your item is packed, labelled and ready to be picked up by a carrier. You will not get specific updates until the carrier picks up the package, so please check back in about 24 hours and you should have more information. In addition, please be aware that carriers pick up Monday-Friday, so if you receive tracking info late Friday or on the weekend there won’t be any updates until Monday.

I only received 1 of 2 boxes, does this mean that the other part of my shipment has been lost?

No, sometimes even when the packages are picked up at the same time, they will get separated at the shipping facility. Most of the time the remaining package will arrive the following business day.

How do I return my order once it’s been shipped to me?

Orders can be returned up to 14 days after arriving to you. For larger items we may require a re-stocking fee, or if shipping costs are high due to being in a remote area, we may refund you minus the cost of shipping. Once you confirm that you’d like to return your item, we will send you a return label and book a pickup for a courier to come to your home and collect the item. If courier pick up is not available in your area, then you may be asked to drop off at the nearest shipping depot.

How fast will my order be shipped?

If your item is in stock and placed before 1pm, it is likely it will leave our door that same day. Please note that larger items, such as treadmills may take longer because we need to coordinate having the item put on a pallet. We always try to have it leave the day after the order is placed, but please be aware that sometimes we need an extra couple days depending on the location of your item.

If I order multiple items, but some are not in stock yet, will I get shipped what’s in stock, or have to wait until everything is ready?

Shipping is calculated based on sending all items together, however if it’s possible to send in stock items sooner we will absolutely do so.

How does it work if I order a large item, such as a treadmill? Will it be brought into my house?

Cardio machines and home gyms are sent on a pallet using LTL services. This service DOES NOT include bringing the item into your home. The shipping company will call you to make an appointment to deliver the item, to ensure you are home to receive it, but then the customer is responsible for handling it from there. We offer delivery and installation services in Winnipeg, Calgary, Nanaimo, Victoria and Edmonton. If you are within the radius of these services we will always book with our delivery and installation team. If you live in a province where this is not an option, we can help point you in the direction of a local installation company in your area.

Do you ship to remote areas?

We try our best to serve all of Canada, but please be aware that it may take us some extra time to find a shipping company that will work for your location. In addition, depending on the cost of shipping we may need to collect additional fee's. If this is the case a Fitness Experience representative will obtain an accurate shipping quote and provide you an updated cost prior to completing your order.


Commonly asked stock questions:

What does it mean if the item is listed as Limited Stock?

This means we have less than 3 of this product left. It’s important to note that when we have limited stock of an item, it’s possible that we may only have floor models left. If you want to confirm before placing the order, you can always reach out to us and we can confirm for you right away.

What does it mean if the item is listed as Special Order?

Special order items are products that we don’t normally stock but can request from the manufacturer. We do require payment in full before ordering the item, since we are ordering it specifically for you. Our estimated timeline for special order items is 8-10 weeks, however this is not a guarantee. In normal times 8-10 weeks was a very achievable timeline, but in recent years with production and shipping delays sometimes we are not able to fulfil your order within this timeline. On the other hand, sometimes special-order items can arrive a lot faster than we expect. Regardless, our team will keep you updated on the timeline of your order, and we appreciate your patience if we experience delays. Regarding cancellations, we can cancel your order if it has not shipped from the manufacturer yet.

What does it mean if the item is listed as Pre-order?

Pre-order items are products that we stock regularly, but are currently out of. Sometimes there will be an estimated arrival date on pre-order items projecting when we should receive more. While we do stock these items regularly, we highly recommend completing your order as soon as possible, as sometimes our shipment arrives completely pre-sold.

Are all products listed on your website?

We strive to have our website as up to date as possible, however if there is an item you’re looking for that is not listed it’s always worth reaching out to us via phone or email, as new products come in often. Sometimes we may not have the exact model you were originally looking at, but may have something very similar, sometimes even better.