BOB XL Body Opponent Bag

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BOB XL Body Opponent Bag
$ 599 00
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    Ideal for martial arts, self-defense, or boxing workouts. Unlike traditional heavy bags, the Body Opponent Bag is a realistic training tool that allows for targeting and specific strikes. The BOB XL "below the belt" strikes.  This lifelike training partner has a covering made of durable, high-strength Plastisol and an inner cavity packed with tough urethane foam.
    BOB XL features the same iconic scowl that made his predecessor famous. And just like BOB, BOB XL is the ideal training bag for specific target training, including eye gouges/wipes/jabs, neck and throat strikes, slaps, hooks to the jawline and so, so much more. BOB XL’s humanoid shape is the next best thing to practicing on a real human – maybe better, when you consider that BOB XL will stick around to train with you even after five heel kicks to the face.

    Tired of training with partners who are way too tall or too short? BOB XL has you covered! The “body” area of the bag can move up and down the central stem (or be removed entirely for transport and storage reasons). There are seven height settings between 60” and 78” total height.
    Like other Century freestanding bags, BOB XL features a rounded base. This base can be filled with sand or water and weighs up too 270 lbs. when fully filled. Why a rounded base? Easy – when you need to move BOB XL, all you have to do is tip him onto the side of the base and roll him! Despite the weight, this method makes relocating him a one-person job.

    BOB XL is a great training tool for any martial art. He is sturdy enough for kickboxing, muay thai, karate, taekwondo, and other striking arts, and his features allow him to be used for tactical training arts such as jeet kune do and krav maga.

  • + - Specifications
    Bag Type  Free Standing
    Bag Weight Variable
    Height 60” to 78” Total
    Width Approx. 20” Wide
    Mount Location Center Torso
    Fill Material Urethane Foam
    Base Fill Holds Up To 240 lbs. Of Sand Or Water
    Stand Material Hard Sturdy Plastic
    Filled/Unfilled Unfilled


  • + - Warranty

    One year limited warranty.


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