Wavemaster Original - Freestanding Bag

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Wavemaster Original - Freestanding Bag
$ 249 99
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    Have you ever wondered how the original (and still most popular!) freestanding bag came to be? Once upon a time, if you wanted to train on a bag, you needed to hang it. This meant drilling holes in your ceiling or wall, or investing in a hanging bag stand.

    Although all these options are fine and dandy in some situations, sadly, they don’t work for people with limited space, those who can’t/don’t want to drill into their walls, or those who need to use one room for multiple purposes and therefore can’t have permanently affixed bags.

    it’s simple to set up! Once it arrives at your door, all you have to do is: 1) take it out of the box, 2) set up the base, 3) fill the base with your choice of heavy substance, 4) put the bag onto the base.

    The end! No special tools, equipment, or skills needed!
    Not to mention, the Wavemaster is adjustable! There are seven height settings, from 47” to 68”, so whether you’re working oblique kicks or head kicks, you can use the Wavemaster. The bag section of the Wavemaster is 24” tall with a 19.5” diameter.

  • + - Specifications
    Bag Type  Free Standing
    Bag Weight Less than 50 lbs.
    Height Up to 68"
    Width 19.5" Diameter
    Mount Location N/A
    Fill Material High-Density Foam
    Base Fill Holds Up To 250 lbs. Of Sand Or Water
    Stand Material Hard Sturdy Plastic
    Filled/Unfilled Unfilled


  • + - Warranty

    One year limited warranty.


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    Wavemaster Bag Product Video