3 Best Treadmills For Runners

This premium treadmill can take anything you can throw at it. Whether you're training for your first 10 km race or getting into ultra endurance 50 km+ races, the Precor TRM425/445 will still be standing for years to come.

The most important things to take into consideration when you're looking at the Precor TRM425 or 445 are the upgraded "ground effects" shock absorbtion and the Integrated Foot Plant technology.

precor ground effects

The upgraded "ground effects" shock absorption system is a triangle shaped strip of rubber that lines both sides of the deck, giving you an even cushion no matter where your foot strikes. The triangle shape also gives you the same amount of cushion whether you're 125 lbs or the upper limits of the weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The Integrated Foot Plant technology is what Precor has developed to give you more of a natural running feel, as if you're running outside. There are tiny sensors that sense your foot strike up to 7000x/second. When it senses your foot strike, it slows the belt down very, very slightly to allow your leg to naturally kick back in your stride the same way it would if you were running outside.

Precor does make a bit of a softer deck, which runners have attributed to less joint pain during and after running.

This treadmill is also one of the only treadmills on the list that will actually decline up to 3% allowing runners to train more effectively for the downhill running that can occur while running outside.


Bodyguard T 75

Bodyguard takes a bit of a different approach from Precor with their T-75 premium treadmill.

They design their treadmills to have a lightly firmer running surface. They equate it to running on an Olympic running track. This is important because running on a firmer surface translates better to running outside, so if you're training for an outdoor race you might want to consider a bit of a stiffer treadmill deck.

Do you like incorporating interval training into your workouts? Then you'll love the fact that the Bodyguard T-75 still gives you easy access to "quick keys" on the console for speed and incline/decline.  With the press of one button you can go from a walking 3.0 mph to a sprinting 8.0 mph.  No longer do you have to fumble around trying to press the "UP" button over and over again to increase your speed. One touch and you're off.

Bodyguard T-75 Console

You'll also have quick access to "A/B" preset quick keys that can be set to whatever speeds you want.  If you like walking at a 2.8 and running at a 7.3, you can set that up on the "A/B" quick keys which then saves on your user profile for your next workout.

The Bodyguard T-75 also comes with one of the best warranties in the industry, boasting a LIFETIME frame/motor, LIFETIME parts and 3 year labor warranty so that you can focus on your training with complete peace of mind.


BH S7Ti Treadmill

Voted by Runner's World magazine as one of the "10 Best Treadmills For Runners", we have the BH S7Ti treadmill.

What the S7Ti may lack in features, it more than makes up for in affordability coming in at just $2899 for an extremely solid treadmill built for runners.

The S7Ti doesn't try to compete with the likes of a Precor TRM 425/445 or a Bodyguard T-75, but it will still provide you with a very well built treadmill that can take all the mileage you'll put on it as you train for your races.

 BH is also well known for providing some of the best warranties on their equipment. Even though the S7Ti is just $2899, it still boasts a LIFETIME warranty on the frame and motor, a 10 year warranty on parts and a 1 year labor warranty. The best warranty for a treadmill in that price range.