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Why Inspire Fitness?

Inspire manufacturer’s award winning multi-gyms, functional trainers, cardiovascular equipment and accessories.  When Inspire develops a product they focus on four main areas:

  • Providing the consumer with world class fitness products.
  • Fixed and free movement press arms.
  • Exercise specific pull points.
  • Orthopaedic pads and fabric weight stack shrouds.
  • Patented cardiovascular designs which focus on the correct biomechanics of the user.
  • Producing quality products is always a focus for Inspire.
  • Heavy duty 11 gauge steel used throughout.
  • Cables with 2200lb tensile strength.
  • Nylon pulleys with fibre glass reinforcement.
  • Solid guide rods for all weight plates.
  • Fixed weight plate bushings.
  • Magnetic weight stack pins.
  • Excellent fit and finish, with materials that feel great to the user.
  • Inspire Fitness designs their multi-gyms and cardiovascular products to fit all of the curves and bends in the human body.
Aesthetics are very important when designing a multi-gym, or a cardio product.
  • Inspire ensure their multi-gyms and cardiovascular products look great in your home or commercial environment.
  • To ensure this Inspire uses a high gloss powder coat paint, and engineer designed plastics all of its products.
  • Decorative and functional top beams, unique designs that are attractive to all users.
  • Stylish storage solutions and full range of attachments available for multi-gyms and functional trainers.


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