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It all started with the Lifecycle exercise bike, which was the first electronic piece of exercise equipment. It was invented by Dr. Keene Dimick, a chemist who was driven to invention by his desire to improve the effectiveness of his exercise routine.

1980's... As aerobics, legwarmers and leotards crept into fitness facilities, Life Fitness was taking big steps forward as a company and diving headfirst into the digital age.

1990's... A bold expansion into strength training by Life Fitness sets the groundwork for future partnerships with college athletic facilities and professional sports teams. Meanwhile, Tae Bo® was keeping people fit, and Zubaz® pants were a frequent sight at the gym.

2000's... Life Fitness extolled the value of connecting exercisers to their fitness equipment. This foresight paid off in the form of compatibility with future fitness apps and wearables.

2010's... An aggressive approach to innovation keeps Life Fitness on the cutting edge of technology and new product development. Life Fitness is prepared for fitness trends, like the increasing popularity of group training, and an exploding fitness app market.

Our mission at Life Fitness is to develop the fitness solutions that get the world moving. And we feel that it’s extremely important to practice what we preach. The culture at Life Fitness revolves around what our products stand for—active and healthy living. Gym bags are as common as coffee mugs at our global headquarters outside of Chicago and at our nine other offices worldwide. Our product showrooms double as bustling employee gyms, and lively group workouts are an important part of the daily routine.

The best way to know everything we can about our fitness products is to use them every day. Helping people live healthier lives is what we do, and the devotion to that goal begins with our employees.

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