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Two passionate industry veterans pursued their entrepreneurial spirit and founded Octane Fitness in 2001, dedicated to focusing solely on elliptical machines and to make the best in the world. With the diligence and drive of Dennis Lee and Tim Porth, Octane’s first elliptical machine sold within 45 minutes of Lee delivering it to a retailer in November 2002.

The company went on to revolutionize the standing elliptical category, with breakthroughs unavailable on any other machines. But that wasn’t enough. Octane then invented the recumbent elliptical category with the launch of the unique xRide in 2008, which provided a new exercise modality that offered greater effectiveness than other seated equipment.

In pursuit of an even better way to exercise, Octane created CROSS CiRCUIT, an efficient, effective program that combines cardio on the elliptical with strength-training intervals next to the elliptical. Exercisers now can benefit even more with more rigorous and productive workouts.

In 2012, Octane made history again with the launch of the innovative LateralX trainer, which combines lateral motion with a stepping motion for the ultimate in functional, total-body challenges.

With the debut of SmartLink in 2013, Octane is led the way for smarter training that drives results and performance. This free app connects to and controls Octane machines; designs customized, goal-based workouts; delivers video-based coaching and CROSS CiRCUIT routines; and tracks all results.

And there’s still more. Committed to crafting a way to run that was easier on the body, the ingenious Octane crew dedicated years on the new Zero Runner, which lets everyone run without impact. The only machine of its kind in the world, the Zero Runner has transformed running and blazed new trails for runners – or anyone who wants to be a runner.

This intense focus and unwavering standards has led to 70 Best Buy awards, multiple new ways to exercise for virtually anyone, hundreds of thousands of fueled exercisers worldwide and a forever evolving and improving workout landscape. Stay tuned for more innovation, courtesy of Octane Fitness.

CROSS CiRCUIT with SmartLink

Learn how you can quickly add strength, stretching or yoga into your training plan with the CROSS CiRCUIT program on the SmartLink app.

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Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0; 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis); iPhone 5 or later; iPod Touch 5th generation or later

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