Torque Fitness

Torque Fitness

All of us at Torque know our future rides on serving workout centers and their clients better than anyone else. That’s why our product line gives each person an entry point depending on their beginning conditioning and a pathway to increasing levels of intensity as they progress. In any walk of life, constant innovation and improvement is an attitude: Be never satisfied, never finished. Don’t quit.


Torque Fitness was founded in 2005 by a team of experts in the fitness equipment industry whose experience designing and manufacturing award-winning innovative strength training systems for Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Parabody, and Sports Art stretch back to 1979.

The team recognized an opportunity to create strength training products that provide unique attributes to better meet customer needs than many of the look-alike strength products on the market. By maintaining an efficient and agile business structure, Torque Fitness team members are able to be focused on listening to customers and reacting quickly with creative, innovative ideas that differentiate our products with meaningful functions and features.


Torque Fitness is driven to create unique functional and group training solutions to health clubs, athletic centers, universities, and multi-family centers that adapt to fit any space, with any number of users, and are able to provide any type of training. This drive forces us to never stop improving and never stop innovating.

This facility and end user focus becomes evident by what members See when they walk out onto the exercise floor, what they Feel when they initiate movement, and how they will come to Trust that their fitness goals will be achieved. So every product is hard wired into this simple but laser focused design philosophy. See. Feel. Trust.
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