Trade In Program

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We do our absolute best to keep your fitness products in like-new condition, but sometimes the equipment can reach a point where it no longer serves your needs. Maybe your strength equipment doesn’t offer enough of challenge anymore, or technology has advanced to the point where your elliptical feels old and out of date. Your fitness goals may have shifted and you’re looking for a different kind of set up. Whatever your reason may be, an upgrade is sometimes the only solution.

Our trade-in program replaces your worn-out equipment with a newer, updated model to keep you on the best product available. You can also apply the trade-in value of your used equipment towards the purchase of a new product.


We believe that everyone – regardless of age, income, or physical ability – is entitled to access exercise equipment to live the healthiest life they can. That’s why we created our Re-Fit Equipment Program, which supplies quality, used commercial equipment to non-profit organizations serving underprivileged communities across Western Canada.

The program gives those in need the tools to live healthier, more active lives while also extending the lifespan of the equipment. So far, we’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity, Livestrong Foundation, Shelter Canada, the YMCA’s Strong Kids program and Lululemon’s community events. The Re-Fit program is a great initiative that empowers people from all walks of life, and we encourage all Fitness Experience partners to participate .