BFLA100 Lat Attachment


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$ 449 00
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The BFLA100 Lat Attachment transforms your BFPR100r Power Rack into a complete home gym. Perform lat pulldowns, rows, biceps curls, shrugs and more in the comfort and stability of your existing power rack.

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BFLA100 Lat Attachment
$ 449 00
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Attachments & Options Special Order
This product is available as a special order. Once you place your order please allow 8-10 weeks for arrival.

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    The BFLA100 Lat Attachment has a high and low pulley with a no cable change design. The BFLA100 features 1” diameter weight posts to accommodate standard weights plates. (Olympic adapter sleeves are available for Olympic plates). Nylon-coated, aircraft quality cables ensure durability and safety even during heavy use. Includes a lat bar and low row bar and is ready for a multitude of other attachments.

    • Transform BFPR100r Power Rack into a complete home gym
    • Perform lat pulldowns, rows, biceps curls, shrugs & more
    • 1” diameter weight posts for standard weight plates
    • Nylon-coated, aircraft quality cables
    • Product Weight: 51.9 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 47.2” L x 41.4”W x 81.2” H
    • Dimensions of BFPR100: 63" L x 47" W x 83" H
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