EFG X-Trainer 60lb Sandbag


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The X-TRAINER COMBO features a built-in, full length zipper cover and 4 heavy-duty D-rings and includes our proprietary rucking/ training harness. The full-length zipper cover prevents the elements like rain, mud and snow from getting inside the sandbag and combining the harness quickly and easily converts the sandbag into a versatile weighted rucksack and/or training tool for running stairs, doing pull- ups, push-ups, squats, etc.

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EFG X-Trainer 60lb Sandbag - Black
$ 330 99
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EFG X-Trainer 60lb Sandbag - Camo
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Sandbags & Battleropes in stock
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Product Details

  • + - Description

    The X-TRAINER COMBO was designed for those who want a sandbag that doubles as a weighted backpack, to train and ruck with, indoors and outdoors, anytime of the year, in any weather.
    Includes: Modular Pre-filled Weight Inserts

  • + - Specifications
    22.5” long, 11” round
    Adjustable from
    5 Lbs – 60 Lbs

    The Curl, Centre and End handles are designed to fully rotate around the webbing to help eliminate the risk of injury to the hands and wrists from repetitive motion while training. Our NEW 2020 DESIGN Neutral handles are fixed for control and padded for comfort. The sandbag also has a foam liner to add a slight buffer between the user and the weights.

    Being able to adjust your training weight on the fly is a must for everyone from beginner athletes to novice, making the adjustable EFG sandbag a great fitness training tool for those who are just starting out and for those
    dedicated to Functional Fitness Training; for the individual user, personal trainers, gyms, schools, boot-camps, OCR competitors and for the RCMP, Military, Police, Firefighters, MMA, and more.