Run Your First 10k Race Training Program

You've got your eye set on running your very first 10 km race with a deadline quickly approaching, but maybe you're not quite sure if your current training plan is going to get you there.

Or worse yet, you don't have a training plan and are just hoping if you keep slugging away you'll make it through relatively unscathed.

Either way, what we have for you below is a significantly better option that will take you from simply "finishing" the race to crushing the race and actually feeling awesome afterwards.

Here's your week by week breakdown:


 On the days listed as "UPPER BODY STRENGTH" days, follow this simple upper body strength workout:

Complete each group of 2 exercises as a superset.

This means you'll do 8-10 reps of Incline Bench Press --> rest for 60 seconds --> 8-10 reps of Chest Supported Row --> rest 60 seocnds --> repeat for a total of 3 sets. Follow that same process for the next 2 groups of exercises.

This will keep your upper body strong as you push yourself during your running days.

Following this program, combined with proper nutrition and sleep will have you crushing your first 10k race and actually feeling awesome when you're done!