How To Reduce Shin Splints With Foam Rolling

One of the most common complaints from runners, specifically beginner runners, is a pain on the front of their lower leg during or after their runs.

This pain is caused by an inflammation in the tibialus anterior muscle that runs along the front of the tibia, the bone typically referred to as the "shin".  This is pain is more commonly known as "shin splints" and can be quite painful, usually acting as the limiting factor for how far a person can run during a given workout.

Fortunately, with a little preventive care this inflammation can be greatly reduced and eventually eliminated. It just takes some time and consistency with something called myofascial compression, more commonly known as "foam rolling".

There are many different compression techniques and tools you can use for various areas of the body, but today we'll focus on one using a standard Triggerpoint Grid foam roller.

Check out the video below and I'll show you exactly how to use this technique to bring you closer to pain free running!

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