Why Use An Arm Blaster or Bicep Bomber?

So, why use an arm blaster? This small accessory puts you into the optimal position to maximize the strength-building benefits of bicep curls and gives you that massive pump that you look for when doing curls.

The Arm Blaster locks your arms in at your sides and helps isolate the bicep muscle. It stops your arms from creating momentum by swinging your arms beyond your torso and eliminates using other muscle groups to compensate in lack of bicep strength.  In other words, it prevents you from cheating your curls! 

 Here we have the bicep bomber by Body Solid. It has a nylon strap rated for 1000lbs that goes around your neck and is accompanied by a large neoprene pad to prevent any rubbing. These straps are adjustable in order to accommodate different body sizes.


Arm blasters are aiming to achieve the same benefits as a preacher curl bench. The benefit of an arm blaster is that it’s a lot smaller, easy to transport and significantly cheaper than a preacher curl bench.

That being said, an arm blaster is not completely prohibiting you from cheating your curls, as you can technically still involve a little bit of your back to complete the curl. If you’re wanting even more stabilization in your curls, I would recommend looking at a preacher curl bench, which will have you in either a seated or standing position. The type of bench also usually has a place to store your curl bar.


Another alternative is you may own a bench that has the option to add a preacher curl pad. Attachments such as these are a great way to save space and further the investment of your bench.



These are all great options for improving your bicep curl workouts. If you have any questions about any of these products please contact your local Fitness Experience.