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Established in 1980, Precor sets the standard for quality, innovation, and performance in exercise equipment. Precor has distinguished itself as a worldwide industry leader, providing state-of-the-art fitness equipment to health clubs, hotels, spas, fitness centers, and private homes all over the world.
We began by launching the first ergonomically sound rowing machine in 1980, and we’ve been supporting the natural movement of the human body ever since. In 1990, we created the first cushioned treadmill. We introduced the world to the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®) in 1995. Then in 2007, we released the revolutionary Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®), a breakthrough piece of cardio equipment that constantly and fluidly adapts to your stride length and motion.

Our Personalized Mission

Our mission is to develop personalized health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire. For over three decades, we've driven fitness forward with a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science, and superior engineering. We constantly study and anticipate the needs of the people and organizations we serve, and continually redefine the levels of innovation, quality, and service necessary to deliver the very best fitness experiences - all with the goal of improving the ways people improve themselves. Our equipment is chosen by health clubs, hotels and spas, universities, and individuals all over the world.

Preva Mobile App for iPhone and Android

Want to get credit on your Preva account for that long hike? With the Preva Mobile app, you can take the Preva experience with you, no matter where you go:

  • Log all of your fitness activity, whether walking your dog or completing a marathon
  • Get credit for activities outside the gym that count towards your weekly goals
  • Collect fun achievement badges, and proudly share them on Facebook and Twitter

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