Precor TRM445 Treadmill
Precor TRM445 Treadmill
Precor TRM445 Treadmill
Precor TRM445 Treadmill

Precor TRM445 Treadmill

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  • You want the absolute best from yourself and your fitness equipment. The 445 is our top-of-the-line treadmill with a full set of features and fitness center quality construction. Precor technology helps you achieve maximum benefit from your exercise. Thoughtful design features anticipate those little things that make your workout easier and more enjoyable.

    Your lifestyle is fitness. And your equipment needs to go the distance. The new Precision™ Series Treadmills are commercial models for your home with the design and features favored by fitness center exercisers and owners. New technology uses your preferences and exercise data to deliver a personalized workout experience that promotes better results and saves you time. The Precision Series is club-proven reliability in a treadmill personalized for your home.

  • Integrated Footplant Technology™

    Exclusive to Precor and used on all of our commercial models, Integrated Footplant Technology™ reduces stress on your knees, ankles and hips by instantaneously adjusting the belt speed to match the slowing and accelerating natural movement of your foot as you run or walk.

    Ground Effects™ Impact Control System

    Patented technology from our commercial treadmills, Ground Effects™ Impact Control provides the perfect amount of cushioning by placing precisely engineered shock absorbers along the front of the deck. At the same time, the rear of the deck is more rigid to give you a stable surface for an easy push off and safe running for all types of exercisers.

    Preset Workouts and Customizable Display

    Personalize your workout with 23 preset workouts and 16 that you create. Customize the capacitive touch display to show the data most important to you. Run or Walk Downhill Treadmill deck adjusts to -2% to simulate running or walking downhill. This provides real world conditioning and the ultimate in terrain variety.

    Preva® Integration

    Your workout data can be uploaded to the Preva mobile app making it easy to track your goals and achievements.Lever style Motion Controls

    Just like the Precor models in health clubs, lever style controls for deck elevation and speed are responsive, intuitive and easy to use while on the treadmill.

    Heart Rate Monitoring

    Maximize your workout results with touch sensor and wireless heart rate monitoring. Works with any Polar® compatible wireless heart rate transmitter (included with purchase).

    SmartRate® Target Heart Zone

    SmartRate helps you stay in your fat burn, cardio or peak target zone for a more e??cient cardio and weight loss workout.


    • Motor: 3.0 HP Continuous Duty
    • Deck: Phenolic surface, 1" Fiberboard, reversible
    • Deck Elevation Range: 2% Decline to 15% Incline
    • Speed Range: 0.5 - 12.0 mph / 0.8 - 19.3 kph
    • Running Surface: 22" W x 56" L
    • Handrails: Full length SofTouch™
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Touch sensor and wireless with Polar® compatible chest straps
    • Number of Workout Metrics: 27
    • Preset Workouts: 23 + 16 exerciser created
    • User IDs: 4
    • Console Display: 7" color LCD graphic display
    • Speed & Deck Elevation Controls: Lever style Motion Controls
    • Dimensions: 79" L x 34" W x 60" H
    • Weight: 358 lbs / 163 kg
    • Power: 120V


  • Frame and Weldments Lifetime

    Parts and Wear Items 10 years

    Console 3 years

    Labour 1 year

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