Choosing Single Stations For Your Fitness Facility

Step 1: Choosing The Series

Matrix has five main series to fit your facility's needs: Ultra, Aura, Versa, Magnum, Varsity. Each series has different benefits. This step especially is very important to consult with your Commercial Account Manager on, because they'll know which product line up is suitable for the amount of use your facility will see. Some single stations are plate loaded, while others have weight stacks. Some will have extra features, such as a rep counter, while others will be more basic. These are all factors that your Commercial Account Manager can help you navigate through.

Step 2: Choosing The Lineup

Once you've decided what series you want to go with, now comes the fun part: choosing which specific machines you want in your line up. It's important to make sure there is a good variety of muscle groups included. For the most part, at every gym you'll see the crowd favourites, such as lat pull down, leg press, chest press and so on. But consider some newer machines that will make you stand out as well. In the video below you'll see Angela from Lifthaus in Ladysmith, BC utilizing the Glute Trainer, a machine that was brought to her attention by her Commercial Account Manager and now is one of the most used single stations in her gym.

Step 3: Choosing Colours & Customizations

Matrix strength equipment comes in a variety of standard colours for the frame and upholstery, as well as options for custom colours to match your facility's branding. You will also have the option to add your logo to the equipment you choose.

Step 4: Floor Planning

Now that you've decided which stations you'd like and placed an order with the customizations you desire, it's time to start floor planning for your facility. Our Commercial Account Managers are experienced in floor planning and can even provide a custom digital floor plan to help visualize your facility.

Step 5: Timeline & Installation

It's important to note that timelines vary depending on the product. Adding custom logos, or choosing optional colours will also add on some time. Once the product is close to arriving, we can book a delivery and installation with our experienced team. Save yourself the headache and allow our team of experts to set up your new equipment exactly how you envisioned it.