Why Buy An Indoor Exercise Bike from Fitness Experience?

Fitness experience is your leader in Canada for stationary bikes and all types of fitness equipment. Whether you shop online or in person, our knowledgeable staff is up to date on the most popular brands in Canada. We will find the right exercise bike at the right price point. We will provide customer support from start to finish.

Why Should I Choose an Upright Bike?


One of the most prominent features of an upright bike is right in the name. Upright bikes are most popular for their comfortable upright position and large seat. This is a great option for someone who wants to be comfortable and not in a bent over riding position.  An upright bike also features handlebars for your comfort and safety. The only variable on an upright bike that is controlled from the console is resistance or tension, the speed at which you pedal is entirely up to the user. An upright bike is one of the most comfortable ways to exercise. Most upright bikes will have a padded seat. The padded seat will provide extra cushioning.


Upright bikes will have more involved consoles with built in programs. Unlike the quick adjustment of resistance on spin bikes, upright bikes will have buttons on the console or on the side handles to adjust resistance. Some upright bikes also have heart rate compatibility and can track your workouts. Consoles may be LCD display or touch screen if more advanced. The most common display type is an LCD display. If preset programs are important to you, then an upright bike is a great option for you. Some exercise bikes we carry, such as Matrix Fitness allows you to choose between different types of consoles including LCD display, LED and touch screen.


An upright bike will typically use magnetic resistance paired with an eddy current break. They do not have a fixed flywheel like spin bikes, therefore when you stop pedaling the machine will stop as well. All upright bikes should have the resistance system covered, so you don't need to worry about cleaning it.  Magnetic resistance uses magnets to create tension against the flywheel. Unlike contact resistance, the magnets don't actually make contact with the flywheel. Instead, the magnetic force applies varying degrees of resistance as the magnets gets closer or further away from the flywheel. The resistance levels on a recumbent bike will vary, but many will range from one to at least twenty. Magnetic resistance is smooth feeling. Magnetic resistance systems require less maintenance than friction based and most upright bikes will have magnetic resistance.


Upright bikes place less stress on the joints than other types of cardio, such as treadmills or ellipticals. If you struggle with balance you may find that an upright bike is safer to use than other standing cardio equipment (such as a treadmill or stair climber). If safety is a big concern, recumbent bikes would also be a good option.

Type of Exercise On An Upright Bike

Cardiovascular Fitness

Consistent aerobic exercise strengthens your heart, improves lung capacity, decreases resting heart rate, and reduces high blood pressure over time. It also can be a great way to relive stress and boost your mood. An upright bike has many enjoyable features. Some users utilize the tablet holder to hold a tablet in order to watch their favourite show while cycling. The tablet holder can also be used to hold a book if reading is your preferred form of entertainment. The variety of programs and options for entertainment will help you stay focused in your cardio workout longer.

Muscle Strength

An upright bike can help strengthen muscles in your lower body. If muscle strength is your goal I recommend increasing resistance levels while cycling. An upright bike can help strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, shins, calf muscles and glutes. An upright bike also involves a little bit more balance than a recumbent bike, which will require you to engage your core while on the exercise bike.

Range of Motion

An upright bike can help you to move more freely by increasing your flexibility and range of motion.  In addition, exercising on an upright bike helps increase circulation and helps make bodily tissues more elastic.

Perimeter Weighted Flywheel

A perimeter weighted flywheel is when the inner weight of an exercise bike has most of its weight loaded along the outside, or perimeter, of the disk.

Interval Training

Interval training is a short, intense form of cardio exercise. You alternate intense bouts of an activity with less-intense sequences. For example, you could sprint for a period of time and alternate this with jogging or walking. You can adapt most cardio activities, including upright cycling, to an interval workout. Increase the pedal speed or pedal resistance for the intense segments and lower these variables for recovery. If interval training is your main goal, you may want to consider a spin bike, as this type of bike is easier to change resistance levels quickly.


When shopping for an upright bike, consider maximum weight and height capacities and seat adjustability—especially if multiple people in the household will use the exercise bike. The more adjustable the exercise bike is, the more versatile it will be for multiple users. When people are in store shopping for a upright bike, I always encourage them to try it. While they all look similar, the differences in seats and adjustability make a huge difference. Simply put, if you are not in a comfortable position, you will not use it. Adjustments for speed may be on the console and handlebars, or sometimes only on the console.

Step Through Design

Some exercise bikes, whether a recumbent bike or upright back have a step through design. This basically means that there is an opening for the user to step through rather than needing to step over something to get on the seat. Again, this is helpful for those with limited mobility.


Bluetooth connectivity is a great option to have if you'd like to track your workouts to an app on your phone. Not all exercise bikes have this capability, so be sure to ask if Bluetooth is something that's important in your workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring

An upright bike will most likely have an option for heart rate monitoring. It will either have heart rate sensors on the handle bars, or be able to connect to a chest strap. Monitoring your heart rate can be a helpful way to track your health and effectiveness of the workout. This is also helpful if there is a certain heart rate marker that you should not pass. An upright bike will have different resistance levels so you can adjust the intensity of your workout.

Other Features

Although a water bottle holder is a very basic feature, it's one you'll notice if it's not there. Be sure to look out for features, such as a water bottle holder. A tablet holder is also a nice feature for your exercise bike, especially if you'd like to watch a show or read.

Connect With An Equipment Consultant

Fitness Experience is your one stop shop in Canada for purchasing an upright bike. In addition to your exercise bike purchase, we can assist you with any other workout equipment. Your health and safety is our first priority and we want to make sure we find the workout equipment that best suits you. We will work within your price range to find the exercise bike that is best for you and your family.

Service and Warranty

Each exercise bike will come with a residential warranty. These warranty policies vary between machine and manufacturer. Fitness Experience has their own in house service department, available Monday to Friday for customer support. This takes the headache out of needing to submit a warranty claim, or servicing your exercise bike.