Delivery, Installation & Relocating Your Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment Relocation & Delivery/Installation

Fitness Experience's greatest asset is our staff. Our Customer Service Reps put fitness first, offering a wealth of combined experience with health, fitness and fitness equipment sales. Our Fitness Experience service team offers services such as,  delivery, relocation, repairs, part ordering, equipment consulting and equipment moving.


Need a piece of fitness equipment in your home gym moved safely? Whether its two feet to the left or across town to a new location, let our experienced installers move your home gym equipment safely and efficiently. Depending on how large the machine is, our team may disassemble or partially disassemble in order to safely move the gym equipment. Once the gym equipment is in the desired location, the service team will rebuild it. In addition to moving the fitness equipment, they will also ensure that it is running as well or better than it was prior to the move. Let us help you move your fitness equipment.

Relocations are charged at an hourly rate. Please contact your local Fitness Experience to obtain a specific quote, based on the type of equipment you'd like moved and where it is going.


Whether it's a treadmill, elliptical, functional trainer or any other kind of gym equipment, let our experienced service department set it up for you. Setting up fitness equipment on your own can be time-consuming, exhausting and if done incorrectly, can even void your warranty. It’s a lot of heavy lifting, and not the good kind.

Whether you’ve just purchased the equipment from our store and want it delivered, need your gear assembled and leveled in your gym, or require de-assembly and reassembly in a new space – we’re here to do the work for you. We offer professional installation services for all sizes and types of equipment and will coordinate delivery with your schedule. Pricing is based on the type of gym equipment, as well as the location. For example, delivery and installation of an elliptical or treadmill will be more expensive than a spin bike.

Our highly trained service team is here to make the process of setting up your exercise equipment simple and worry-free.


Services needed for equipment in a commercial setting may be different than those required for exercise equipment in a residential setting, so it's important to clarify what type of setting your machine, treadmill, or any other fitness equipment is in.